Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q:  Can you help me decide the best look or design for my space and budget? 

A:  Mates Concrete, will assist you with any area that you might need recommendations or help selecting the best concrete options and value for your investment.  John, our owner works directly with you and is happy to offer suggestions and ideas. Our team of professionals know what works in a variety of complicated scenarios.

Q:  How long with the job take to be completed?

A:  Most of our projects are completed within one to two days.  However, it is relative to the size and amount of work needed.  Some of our larger projects and new home construction may take longer.  We will work with you on an appropriate timeline for your project to best meet your needs.

Q:  How long after you finish the project until we are able to walk or drive on the new concrete?

A:  Walking is fine after 24 hours.  We ask that you wait until 48 hours before you place tables, chairs, etc on your finished concrete project. Driving on new concrete is not recommended until after seven days have passed from the time of completion.  We will discuss the maintenance details related to your project to ensure your satisfaction with the completed concrete work.

Q:  Does concrete really need to be sealed?

A:  Yes.  When we provide exterior concrete it is open to the elements.  We will seal it for you at the time of completion.  We highly recommend annual or semi-annual sealing after that time to keep your concrete looking as good as new and to provide additional protection.  

Q:  What about permits?  I am not sure what I will need for my property.

A:  Each municipality is different when it comes to concrete construction.  We are very familiar with the local codes throughout the St. Louis and St.Charles metropolitan region.  Any permit costs are the responsibility of the homeowner.  In addition, please keep in mind that some subdivisions or planned living areas require any changes to be submitted in writing and subject to approval from an architectural review committee.  Please check with your neighborhood concerning any issues.  We can provide guidance for the types of questions to ask based on our past experience.  

Q:  Do you use wire mesh in your concrete?

A:  Yes, wire mesh makes your concrete more stable and structurally sound.  We will discuss the process for the concrete with our homeowners so they can better understand what type of concrete they are getting.  

Mates Concrete is dedicated to providing you the best customer service and will give you our direct contact information so you can discuss questions or concerns you may have during the quote/bid process.